Aims and Values

Our Mission: We strive to educate all our students so that they,” GROW, LEARN and ACHIEVE together”.

Motto: Nurturing our Hearts and Nourishing our Minds.

Our Vision: Our vision for Dormers Wells Infants is one that is ‘Putting the Children First’; the children are the heart of everything we do.

Our commitment to you is:

      • Dedicated and passionate staff
      • Our hearts will open to all the community
      • Resilient when faced with challenges
      • Meaningful, mindful practices
      • Environment that is inclusive and celebrates diversity
      • Relevant creative and dynamic curriculum
      • Students that thrive and who are happy and healthy


School Values

Values: Describes individual or personal standards of what is valuable or important.

Child friendly version: A value is something that you think is important which helps you to make good choices.

      • September - Peace
      • October - Integrity
      • November - Respect
      • December - Thoughtfulness
      • January - Resilience
      • February - Friendship
      • March - Gratitude
      • April - Politeness
      • May - Optimism
      • June - Happiness
      • July - Kindness
      • August - Love


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