Dormers Wells Infant School

Dormers Wells Infant School

Security and Site Safety 

School Security and Site Safety is the responsibility of governors and all staff. This policy sets out functions of specific staff / stakeholders. 

The governing body:

  • Accepts corporate responsibility to provide a safe, secure environment for children, staff and visitors
  • Will seek expert advice on security and safety matters when necessary
  • Will provide staff with training and resources to implement security and safety procedures
  • Will be informed of significant breaches of the policy immediately to enable it to take remedial action to ensure the safety of members of the school community
  • Will ensure that the policy is being enforced through scrutiny of the headteacher’s termly report to governors, visits to site and meetings of the Premises committee of the governing body

The Headteacher:

  • Will establish procedures for compliance with the policy and monitor this, reporting breaches to the governing body
  • Will monitor security and safety measures, liaising with governors, the Premises Manager, Caretaker, school Trade Union Representative, contractors, surveyors, LA personnel and the heads of the adjoining establishments
  • Will investigate braches of security / safety and take action to prevent further breaches

The Premises Manager:

  • Is responsible for the security of the building after school hours. In his absence this duty is performed by the senior cleaner
  • Advises the Headteacher on aspects of security and safety requiring urgent attention

The Caretaker:

  • Is responsible for unlocking the building at the start of the day and early morning site security
  • Is responsible for maintenance and repair to ensure the safety of all those using the building
  • Is responsible for reporting to the Office Manager security / safety breaches that require the presence of contractors to remedy the situation 

All Staff

  • Must comply with this and related policies to ensure the safety and security of pupils and others on site
  • Must keep their own classrooms safe and secure, reporting concerns immediately to the caretaker via his workbook
  • Must be vigilant about security and safety across the entire site
  • Must challenge visitors / possible intruders politely and direct them to the school office for assistance


  • Will manage their own behaviour appropriately


  • Will comply with school policy: failure to do so will result in them being asked to leave the site
  • Specific Duties:

Security Issue

Responsible Person / Group

Review of Policy

GB Premises Committee

Day to Day Implementation of Policy


CRB Clearnce

Office Manager


Office Staff / Premises Manager

Securing entrances / exits

Caretaker / Premises Manager

Maintaining safe operation of devices

Caretaker / Premises Manager

Fire Drills


Checking Fire Alarm System


Control of visitors

Admin Staff

Security of Money

Admin Staff

Control of Contractors

Caretaker / Premises Manager

Risk Assessments


Security of boundaries

Caretaker / Headteacher

Use of photographic images of children

Deputy Head / Administrator

Extended School Provision

Private Provider

Upkeep of Assets Register

Office Assistant

Storage of medicines

First Aider

Lone Working

Caretaker / Premises Manager


Staff Security

All staff have the right to work without fear of intimidation, harassment or assault. Any visitor acting in an unreasonable manner will be asked to calm down and behave in an acceptable fashion. Failure to comply will result in the visitor being asked to leave the site or in the police being called to remove him / her.

Breaches of Policy

All breaches of policy will be investigated by the Headteacher / deputy Headteacher and may result in formal action being taken.

Related Policies

For further guidance, please refer also to the following policies:

  • Health & Safety
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • CCTV
  • Electrical Safety
  • Administration of medicines
  • Cleaning

A. Briggs                 06/14

Review:                  06/16