Dormers Wells Infant School

Dormers Wells Infant School

Arrival and Collection of Children


Dormers Wells Infant School & Nursery

Arrive & Collect Policy


Arrival Procedures

  • Nursery opens at 08.45 and 12.45
  • Reception classes open at 08.50
  • KS1 classes open at 08.55
  • At least one member of staff must be on duty at all open doors at the start of the school session.
  • Parents / carers must wait with their children at the appropriate place on-site, until the children are handed over to the class teacher.
  • All classroom doors must be closed by 09.00 and latecomers must be directed to the school office to sign in.
  • Late children must be signed in by their parents / carers who must also state time of arrival and reason for lateness.
  • All registers must be closed by 09.05 

Collection Procedures

  • At the end of the school day, one staff member should stand at each of the classroom doors.
  • All children should remain seated until called to the door to be collected.
  • Children cannot be released into the care of anyone under the age of 16.
  • Any uncollected children in the main school should be brought to the medical room at 15.30.
  • Any uncollected children in the Nursery should be brought to the medical room at 15.55.
  • The person on duty in the medical room will ring parents and / or emergency contacts to collect children who have not been collected at the right time, starting as soon as children arrive there.
  • Adults collecting children late must sign them out, giving the reason for lateness.

Arrival & Collection of Children during the School Day

  • All adults bringing pupils to school or collecting them must report to the school office to sign the child out or in, stating time and reason for the child’s absence from school.
  • Parents / carers must provide an appointment card for medical appointments the child is attending during the school day.
  • Absence during the school day will only be authorised if there is proof that the child is attending a medical appointment.
  • Adults will not be permitted onto the school premises during break or lunchtime sessions if the children are out at play, unless they are collecting an ill or injured child.
  • Children cannot be taken or returned to school during the lunch hour.
  • Procedures for Emergency Situations
  • If the adult collecting is some distance from the school, then s/he must be asked to contact somebody known to the child and who is able to collect promptly instead.
  • All adults contacted should give an estimated time of arrival at the school and say how they are travelling to the school.
  • If a child remains uncollected and the school has been unable to contact an adult, then Social Care should be informed at 16.15
  • If a child remains uncollected at 16.30, despite making contact with an adult, then Social Care should be further informed of this.
  • School staff should stay with the child as long as possible to offer reassurance. However, once this no longer viable, then arrangements should be made to take the child to Southall Police Station (normally after 18.00).
  • If a child is taken to Southall Police Station, then the notice attached to this policy should be photocopied, placed in a plastic wallet and attached to both gates of the main school playground. 

Safeguarding Concerns

If the adult collecting a child is thought to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then staff will have concerns for the child’s welfare, arising from the adult’s ability to care for the child or for the safety of the child and others if the adult will be transporting the child from the school.  
In such cases staff will:Approach the adult and explain their concerns in a private area.

  • Offer support where possible by offering to contact family or friends to come to support the child and adult, to ensure that they get home safely.

Should the adult collecting the child, decline the help offered, staff may take further action if they are still concerned. This may involve contacting the Police for further assistance.

Staff will then strive to record the following information to pass to the appropriate agencies (Police and Social Care):

  • Name of person collecting child,
  • Time of departure
  • Car registration 
  • Address held on the pupil’s record

Staff must also record any instances where alcohol or substance misuse is suspected on the school’s pro-forma and pass this immediately to one of the school’s Designated Child Protection Officers for necessary action.

 Ratified by Governing Body 04/03/15